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My Babies and Me
I am a small breeder who loves dogs, chickens, and small town living. I believe the best puppies start with quality parents and a lot of love. All of my dogs are genetically tested. I also do tactile stimulation with my puppies to help them develop into a well rounded member of your family.  I like to keep in touch with my puppy parents and I am available to help you with any questions before and after the adoption process. 
Mylie and Mazie Mae

Mylie, on the top left, is a Maltipoo who came to live with my husband and me after my daughter had her first child. (The grandbaby took too much of my daughter's attention.)  Mylie loves to snuggle and give loads of kisses.

Mazie is one of my retired Cavachons. She loves to play tug-a-war and and is very smart, gentle, and loyal. Her favorite spot is on the back of the couch where she can see everything that is going on. 


Oakley is our Toy Poodle. I like to call him Oakley Stud Muffin as he is the sire.  He is AKC registered and is very curious and playful. Oakley loves to snuggle under the covers at bedtime.

Mazie. Mylie. Izzy Claire. Oakley. Bella. Mia.2.jpg
Izzy Claire
Izzy Claire.jpg

Izzy Claire is my retired Cavalier King Charles.  She loves to play with her rope and bones and is very loving and devoted.  Watch out if you take your socks off.  She will find one and carry it around with her wherever she goes. Izzy Claire is AKC registered. 

Bella when i got her 2.jpg

Bella is a Cavachon and is the happiest dog. She is always wagging her tail and likes to carry a toy with her wherever she goes.  Bella loves being outside.  Playing in the mud after it rains doesn't bother her one bit.

Mia 1.15.22.jpg

Mia is a Cavachon. She is the sweetest little girl. Mia's favorite things to do is play with Bella and nap on our laps.


Zadie is an AKC registered Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  She is very playful and doesn't meet a stranger.  Zadie loves Mia and will follow her around everywhere she goes.

All of my babies have been genetically tested to ensure that the puppies are healthy.

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